Florida East Coast Industries: Where Vision Meets Tradition

Our Vision


At Florida East Coast Industries, we are a company with a rich history of accomplishments, yet we’re firmly focused on tomorrow. We are a team of dreamers and doers. A company of forward-thinking, empowered experts who challenge ourselves, every day, to see what other companies don’t see, to build what others won’t build—to seize opportunities our competitors scarcely can imagine.

We work in an environment fueled by imagine-if, yet one that is firmly grounded in everyday realities.

Our vision is for better ways to travel; for brighter, more-vital urban areas; for faster, more-efficient ways to move goods and services; for new and exciting ways to live, work, and play; and for innovative ideas that maximize the value of underutilized resources.

Most important: our vision is of a company that never rests, that is constantly exploring, asking questions, seeking new options and, in the process, creating an exciting future for us all.

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