Florida East Coast Industries: Where Vision Meets Tradition

Our History
Our History


Florida East Coast Industries, LLC (FECI) has a rich history dating back to 1892, when estate and rail pioneer Henry Flagler first established our predecessor company.

After a visit to St. Augustine, Flagler had a vision for the state, a vision that was far ahead of its time. Flagler imagined a Florida where businesses thrived, where trains connected critical, far-flung cities, such as Jacksonville and Key West, and where tourists mingled with residents on sun-drenched beaches and in thriving communities.

In 1885 Henry left Standard Oil—which he had helped found—and returned to Florida. There, he went to work developing the transportation and infrastructure that became the foundation for the region’s development.

FECI still shares Henry Flagler’s trailblazing approach to business. We continue to be a transformative force in Florida and beyond, as the parent company to cutting-edge real estate, transportation, and infrastructure businesses that have an impact across the globe.


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